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Well, Tash's blog, a place to find lots of tips and advice for wedding planning and follow along with our latest work. 


There’s no escaping the camera when it’s your wedding day so we’ve come up with 4 simple and effective ways for photo-shy couples to combat anxiety and get fully comfortable in front of the lens before the big day dawns.

Your wedding is the one day when all your friends, family and loved ones are united in one place so here’s 5 ways to maximise the occasion with some great and timeless group shots that capture you at your happiest.

Some people will leave the wedding day timeline until late into the planning process. Assuming that once the ceremony’s locked in, everything else will just figure itself out. And it’s a fair assumption to make. After all, the ceremony dictates what time your guests will arrive. But getting everyone to attend on time is just […]

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your engagement shoot. The important thing is to just be yourself. But here are 5 tips to try that guarantee your engagement photos will do you and your fiancée justice

Undecided about professional engagement pictures? Here are five reasons why every couple about to embark on marriage should consider professional engagement photographs before their big day.

We want to keep things simple, planning a wedding is turbulent enough without confusing the matter with excessive options! WE CHARGE £175 PER HOUR AND YOU DECIDE HOW MANY HOURS THAT YOU NEED US FOR As many hours as you like but they are continuous… AWESOME! WHAT’S THE CATCH? There isn’t one but when booking […]

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who listens, cares, and genuinely wants to give you the best wedding day images ever, drop me a line. As well as weddings locally in Hampshire, I also travel further afield for my couples (including destination weddings abroad) so let’s have a (no-obligation) chat about what you’re looking for.

You’ve been selective with your guest list, so why not your photographer? Here are 5 reasons why trust is vital when it comes to your wedding photos.

From my very first wedding, by my side with his camera to hand and his calming presence, and constant support Will has been there just as much a part of it all. It has been partnership from day one, so after a little deliberation, we decided to take the plunge and make our professional partnership […]

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